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We exclusively deal with people who are detained in hospital or subject to The Mental Health Act in the community, providing expert advice and help when you need it most.

The Practice is a small firm and this allows us to give the personal touch to every case we deal with.

We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and our SRA ID is 364758


Tammy Groves

Tammy Groves, Principal of The Mental Health Practice, has been a qualified Solicitor since 1991. She has always had an interest in Human Rights and was involved in some high profile cases when she practiced in London, including terrorism cases and representing the families of British soldiers who died in a "Friendly Fire" incident during the Gulf War. Tammy has relocated to beautiful Dorset, and now specializes in representing those who are detained under the Mental Health Act at their appeals against their detention, at Tribunals and Managers Hearings to ensure that the individual's rights are upheld.

She is a member of the specialist Mental Health Act Tribunal Panel which is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Many of her clients find that they are not listened to, are marginalized and suffer from prejudice in society.


Her aim is to ensure that through a high quality service they are listened to and their rights protected and enforced. Free legal aid by way of public funding from the Legal Services Commission is available for representation at Mental Health Review Tribunals.

Sean Waters

Sean is a solicitor who practiced in criminal law for many years before transitioning to Mental Health Law. The advocacy skills that he learned in the Magistrates' Courts are invaluable in dealing with complex Mental Health issues in Tribunals and in dealing with people who are in a difficult situation and entitled to have their rights fought for. Sean acts as a consultant, dealing with cases as needed.

Sean is on the National Committee of the Mental Health Lawyers Association and has appeared in the Upper Tribunal dealing with complex cases.

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