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Community Treatment Orders

The Mental Health Act 2007 amended the 1983 Act and introduced Community Treatment Orders.  The relevant provisions are set out in sections 17A to 17G of the 1983 Act as amended.

You may be made subject to a Community treatment Order, or CTO, if you are liable to detention under section 3 of the Act, or if you are subject to a Hospital order without restrictions.

This means that you are discharged from hospital, but will still have to follow certain conditions, which must include making yourself available for examination and may include other conditions, such as keeping in contact with your Community Care Coordinator and keeping appointments with your Responsible Clinician.

Your Responsible Clinician can recall you to hospital if you require treatment for your mental disorder and there would be a risk of harm to your health or safety or to other persons if you were not recalled tot he hospital for treatment.  You can also be recalled if you fail to make yourself available for examination.

Although a CTO is considered a 'light touch' option, it still places a restriction on your liberty and you are entitled to apply for a Tribunal or Managers' hearing and request that the CTO be discharged.  We can help and advise you and represent you at any hearing under legal aid.

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